Housing Choice Voucher Program



Current as of: 06/08/2020

1)      Are the offices open?

The Doral and Miami-Gardens Program Offices remain open to those with scheduled appointments. Please contact us at 305-403-3222 or visit us online at www.mdvoucher.com to explore the many self-service options or to make an appointment.


2)      Will MDHCV continue to make Housing Assistance Payments (HAP)?

Yes. There will be no interruption with regular payments.


3)      I lost my job or I have reduced income as a result of COVID-19. What do I do?

You may report the reduction or total loss of income online at www.mdvoucher.com


4)      I have an upcoming Annual Reexamination appointment and I am not sure if I can make it.

You may complete you reexamination online or you may reschedule your appointment online at www.mdvoucher.com.


5)      I need to move and I do not want to go to or I cannot go to a Program Office.

You may request to move online at www.mdvoucher.com or contact us at 305-403-3222 to discuss other options.


6)      I have a voucher and I need an extension

You may request a voucher extension online at www.mdvoucher.com or contact us at 305-403-3222 to discuss other options.


7)      I submitted an RTA and need an Initial Inspection

Staff is expediting the review and processing of RTAs. The Inspections Department will contact you to schedule an Initial Inspection.


8)      I have an issue with my property and need to have an inspection.

You may submit an online service request at www.mdvoucher.com.


9)      I Have an Annual Inspection or reinspection scheduled and I am under a self-quarantine.

Effective 3/17/20, all Annual Inspections and reinspections will be rescheduled for a future date. Extensions to perform repairs will be granted on as part of the rescheduling process.


10)   I have an Informal Hearing scheduled and I am not sure if I should attend. 

Informal hearings are still being conducted. However, you may request to reschedule the hearing date and time by contacting us at 305-403-3222. Adverse decisions will not be issued until further notice.

Need Help?

You can contact our Client Call Center at 305-403-3222 or by email to customercare@mdvoucher.com.